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Summer Newsletter – 1 April 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,


It has been so lovely to welcome all of the children back for the start of the summer term. This is usually a very busy time with statutory tests and also fun things like sports day. The new teachers and children are quickly building relationships and school is a very positive place to be! We would like to provide an opportunity for parents to meet new teachers and so will be holding ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions for Reception, Year 1 and Year 4. The sessions will run from 3.30pm – 4pm on the dates below:

Year 4: Thursday 4th May
Year 1: Monday 8th May 2017
Reception: Tuesday 9th May 2017


Is your child entitled to a free school meal? Since universal free school meals for Reception and KS1 children were introduced, many parents whose children are in the lower part of school are entitled to claim for this but often don’t actually claim until their child reaches Year 3. We need all parents whose children are entitled to claim free school meals to claim, even if you do not need to pay for the meal yet. This is because where a pupil is entitled to free school meals, we receive additional money called Pupil Premium Grant. This means more money for school which means more resources, adults and time to help your child reach their best learning potential. Please contact school for more information about how to check if your child could benefit.


As you may know from previous newsletters, this is an area which our school needs to improve significantly and we are working hard to ensure that Glenaire pupils have the best chances to learn through being in school with the best attendance possible. I am pleased to report that this work is already beginning to show success and the percentages are slowly but surely creeping up. Thank you for your support in this! There is still a long way to go, so please keep working with us to ensure your child attends school every day on time. Mrs Bloor and Mrs Mackenzie can offer advice on improving your child’s attendance – just pop into the office and make an appointment.


You may remember completing parent questionnaires in the Autumn Term. Here is the breakdown of the responses. We were pleased to see such a positive response and would like to say the feeling is mutual – we very much value your contributions to our school. It is a privilege to work with the Glenaire community. Please see the highlights below:

  • 97% said their children were happy at school, only 3% disagreed
  • 93% felt that their child was safe
  • 95% believed that their child was making good progress
  • 94% said their child was well looked after
  • 92% said their child was taught well, 6% didn’t know
  • 94% of parents said they received valuable information regarding their child’s progress

One of the concerns raised by lots of parents was inappropriate parking outside school. I have spoken with local councillors about this, especially considering changes to parking and layout proposed by the local council and they have assured me that they will be monitoring the impact of those changes on school and safety of pedestrians. I will continue to follow up on this and it would help if I could request that all parents are considerate and safe when parking at the start and end of the day.

Important Dates:

Monday 1st May: closed for the Bank Holiday
Thursday 4th May: Year 4 Meet the Teacher 3.30pm – 4pm
Monday 8th May: Year 1 Meet the Teacher 3.30pm – 4pm
Monday 8th – Friday 12th May: Year Six SATs week.
Tuesday 9th May: Reception Meet the Teacher 3.30pm – 4pm
Monday 15th – Wednesday 17th May: Y6 Residential to Ingleborough Hall
Friday 26th May: School closes for half term
Monday 5th June: School opens for Summer 2

Many thanks for your continued support,

Jo Wilkinson

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