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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Hello and happy Wednesday, it is a reading day today!  I would like you to read the Farm Poem and complete the comprehension questions.  It would be SUPERB if you could learn the poem by heart.  Maybe you could film yourself reading or reciting the poem and send it to me on dojo.

WK8 Day 3 Reading – Down on the Farm Poem

WK 8 Day 3 Reading – poem comprehension

On completely the poem, why not try to record the poem in cursive handwriting.  The Poem I have attached below, does not have the correct cursive joins Miss Thomis likes to see!  Could you challenge yourself to write it out correctly and make me smile?

WK8 Day 3 – Handwriting

As always,  here is the link and worksheets for the WRH daily maths lesson available online for Year 1.


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