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Thursday 7th January 2020

Good Morning Year 1 pupils and parents, thank you to all those who completed their home learning tasks yesterday.  Here is today’s maths lesson.

and here your maths task to compete.

7th January 2021 Maths Activity Sheet

Today in English I would like you to read the tricky words on the PowerPoint.  Remember we do not sound them out but learn to read them by sight.

Tricky words

How many were you able to read?  Now ask an adult to cover a word while you write to down.  How many were you able to spell?

Next, play clear the board with an adult at home.  Select which colour you would like to be (blue or yellow) then roll a dice or pick a number.  Read the question aloud and answer it.   If you can read the question and answer it you can cover the box.  Work together to cover all the questions and clear the board.

Phase 4 Yes or No

This afternoon, discuss with an adult light sources, the objects which can give us light.  Then make a list or photograph light sources you have in your house.


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