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Newsletter: January

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 It has been lovely to welcome all of our children back after the holiday, and I would like to give a special welcome to our new families that have joined us. The spring term is one in which the children usually make lots of progress, having made a solid start already to their year group expectations in the autumn. Look out for more invitations from class teachers to come and share in the children’s learning. I know from parent/carer feedback that these have been both valuable and enjoyable.


In recent months, packed lunches have caused some controversy in schools locally and across the country. All schools are expected to produce guidelines for parents regarding healthy packed lunches and we are currently working on ours, following guidance from nutritionists. Our aim as a school is to produce a set of guidelines which promote healthy lunchboxes, whilst mindful of the fact that parents know their children’s dietary needs and preferences. Whilst we are in the process of developing these guidelines, I would like to remind parents that children’s lunches should not contain sweets or chocolate bars. Including a small portion of cake and/or biscuit is of course acceptable, but items such as mars bars, chocolates or sweets such as haribo are not allowed in school either as part of lunch or as a snack. It is also good practice to include at least one portion of fresh fruit and vegetables.


 As you are hopefully aware, we posted our last newsletter only on the website and alerted parents with a text. A quick poll in the days after this revealed that although most parents had received the text, many had not looked at the newsletter on the website. As a reminder, our school website is and newsletters are easy to find from the tabs at the top of the home page. It is crucial that parents/carers check the website regularly for key information and there are also class pages you may wish to look at. The next newsletter will again be posted only on the website and a text will be sent when it is available. Please support our school’s eco-ambitions by reducing our need to communicate on paper.



 I am very pleased to report that an increasing number of parents are making Glenaire their first choice option for Nursery places. Our morning nursery is now fully subscribed, with places in our afternoon nursery quickly filling up. If you have a child who is not yet three and are interested in a place for them in our nursery, please make sure you put their name on our waiting list, in order that you are not disappointed. This is particularly important if you are entitled to 30 hours free childcare and will be requesting a full-time place.



There have been a number of safeguarding issues in the local community recently with pupils accessing apps and websites which allow live streaming. Often these apps or websites have seemingly innocent names, which would not ring alarms bells if you heard a child discussing it with their friends. However, children are increasingly at risk of seeing inappropriate content and of sharing information in innocence, which can lead them into danger. I have placed a checklist for keeping your child safe online onto the school website and I would encourage every parent/carer to check against it for peace of mind that all our children are safe. If you would like help with setting filters and parental controls, we are always happy to support you in this.


Please follow us on twitter! We have some devoted followers who retweet and ‘like’ our tweets but they would like some company!You can find us @GlenairePS. We will use this account to let you know when there are updates to the class blogs and  for sharing news. Important information will still be sent by letter and posted as  news on our website. Please follow us!


 You will be pleased to hear that our joint efforts on attendance are having an impact! I am grateful to parents for taking the rules about term time holidays seriously and reducing the number of holiday requests significantly. Attendance for the whole school is currently 94.18%, which is closer to our target of 96%.  This is in comparison with the same time last year, when attendance was 92.91%. I am sure you will agree this is a positive step in the right direction! Keep up the good work!


Many thanks, as always, for your continued support,

Jo Wilkinson




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