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Celebrating last half term…

We had an enjoyable sunflower day where we wore something yellow and painted The Sunflowers by Van Gogh. We had yellow lemons and lemon tea in the mud kitchen and ordered numbers to twenty on sunflowers. We had fun baking sunflower biscuits and planting our own sunflowers.

We followed our interests and collected our own tadpoles to watch in our curiosity corner.


This half term

The children have all been enjoying our new story Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. It has lead to an important discussion around being sharing and caring. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary around this story. 


Early years have also been engaged with the story Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry in order to launch our ‘No bullying’ week. This has also fitted in nicely with our PHSE of celebrating differences. 

Phonics outdoors.

This half term we have focused on revising our phase three and four High frequency words for reading. We love our tricky word tree in our woodland area. 




Early Years have had a fantastic first half term settling in to new routines and doing some amazing learning. They have enjoyed exploring all the areas of learning. 

Thankyou to parents for your support in helping your child with their home learning. 

Bedtime stories event
A magical visit from Santa
reading for pleasure




HELLO, parents, carers and pupils in the current Reception class soon to be moving into Year 1.  I am REALLY looking forward to meeting you all in September.  Until then have a wonderful summer and stay safe. 

Please click on the link below to find out a little bit about your child’s new teacher and a some suggested summer skills to be working on before moving into Year 1.  

Introduction Letter to New Y1 Parents

Summer Skills for New Y1 Pupils


Information Letter regarding the return to school in June

Mrs Wilkinson –
Good Morning! I don’t seem to have had many replies to the letter explaining our plans on the website. I have attached it below. Once you have read the information, I need to know for definite, as soon as possible, whether you will be sending your Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 child after the half term break. This will allow me to plan staffing and also to send you the more detailed information you will need for Thursday 4th June

Please read the Letter attached below.

Glenaire Covid letter to parents 18.05.20

Monday 29th June

Happy Monday,

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend despite all of the rain.

Music Monday –

Today I would like you to use water to create music!

What you will need:
4 or more glasses, glass bottles or glass jars
Wooden stick such as a pencil, wooden spoon or a metal spoon (BUT be careful)

1) Line the glasses up next to each other and fill them with different amounts of water. The first should have just a little water while the last should almost be full, the ones in between should have slightly more than the last. You could add food colouring to these to make the water amounts more visible.
2) Hit the glass with the least amount of water and observe the sound, then hit the glass with the most water, which makes the higher sound?
3) Hit the other glasses and see what noise they make, see if you can get a tune going by hitting the glasses in a certain order.

Whats happening?
Each of the glasses will have a different tone when hit with the pencil, the glass with the most water will have the lowest tone while the glass with the least water will have the highest. Small vibrations are made when you hit the glass, this creates sound waves which travel through the water. More water means slower vibrations and a deeper tone.

Friday 26th June

Phonics Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today is phonics Friday, I would like you to try a phonics game.

For each of the digraph I would like you to give yourself 30 seconds to think of as many words as possible.
Click on the link to see the activity.

Let us know how many you can think of.

Mrs Metcalfe


Thursday 25th June

Good Morning,

I hope you all enjoyed the science experiment!

Today is a creative task. The sunflowers in my garden are beginning to flower and I would like you to create your own sunflower picture. You can be as creative as you like! I have attached a few ideas for you but feel free to create your own.

Mrs Metcalfe 


Wednesday 24th June

Good Morning,

I hope you are ready for today’s Science experiment!
Did you get your ice ready yesterday?

You will need:
A Glass

Please carry out the task and then speak to the children about what has happened.
It would be great if the children could draw a picture showing before and after the experiment or if you could record them carrying out the experiment!

Mrs Metcalfe


Tuesday 23rd June

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is Talking Tuesday!

I have a very important challenge for you today. Todays challenge will prepare you for a science challenge tomorrow.

I would like you to talk to the children about ice, what it is and how it is made. You can talk to them about it being a liquid and how to make it into a solid.
Then make your own ice cubes. ( Ready for tomorrows science experiment)

Here are some video clips to watch with the children and to help with your discussion: 

I hope you enjoy todays challenge

Mrs Metcalfe


Monday 22nd June

Music Monday (Poems) 

Below is a number of links to some spring poems. Please listen to the poems with the children and discuss the poems with the children.

Now I would like the children to create their own summer poems. Ask them to tell you about what happens in summer. 

Now encourage them to write sentences about summer. They could even try to include some rhyming words. 

I look forward to hearing your poems!

Mrs Metcalfe 


Friday 19th June

Good Morning Reception,

Today I would like you to focus on learning doubles.

Please listen to the doubles songs on the following links.

Now have a try at the doubles activity sheet. Remember to let us know how you get on.

Enjoy your day!

Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 18th June

Thinking Thursday

Good Morning ,

As today would usually be Thinking Thursday and we often do baking, I would like you to make some ‘Gruffalo Bites’.

Click the link below to access ‘The Gruffalo’ story first. 

Now time to make the bites! Click on the link for the ingredients and the instructions.

I hope you have fun and I hope that they taste delicious.

Mrs Metcalfe










Wednesday 17th June

Good Morning,

Today is Workout Wednesday!

I would like you to play a game many of you will be familiar with but there may be some actions you aren’t familiar with.
Please click on the picture to find out how to play ‘Magic Beans’.

Remember to drink plenty of water and to warm up before you start the game.

Please let me know how the children get on with the game and how good they are at following the instructions.

Mrs Metcalfe











Tuesday 15th June

Good Morning Reception,

Todays Challenge is a Science experiment. I would like you to watch the Sinking and Floating song by clicking on the link below.

You will need a big bowl or bucket of water. Now collect lots of items in the house or in the garden.
I would like you to predict which items will sink and which will float.
Can you finish these sentences:
I think the __________ will float.
I think the ___________ will sink.

Parents try to ask the children why they think the items will sink or float.
When you have tried all of the items, I would like you to create a table showing the items that sank and the items that floated.

Good Luck
Mrs Metcalfe

Monday 14th June

Good Morning and Happy Monday,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

As from today many of the shops are opening. I would like you to create your own shop. It could sell clothes, toys, food, fruit and vegetables, shoes or anything you like.
Please create a price list for your shop and then you can write a shopping list.
I would like you to pretend to be a shopkeeper for the day.

I hope you all have fun and I look forward to seeing your shop ideas and acting skills on Tapestry.

Mrs Metcalfe

Friday 12th June 

Phonics Friday Challenge

Happy Friday Everyone,

I would like you to access the phonics play website.  

You can access the games for free using the username: march20 and password:home.

Please play the game ‘Rocket Rescue’ click on resources and click on phase 3. You can then try either phase 2,3 or 4 with your child to see how they get on. 

Once you have completed the game download the activity worksheet below by clicking on the link. The children need to read the words by sounding out and circle the pictures as they read the word.


Thursday 11th June

Good Morning Reception,

I hope you managed to get out in the fresh air yesterday, despite all the rain.

Todays task is to create a rainy day picture! You can be as creative as you like!
It could be a picture of you playing in the rain, a picture of the sky with clouds and rain or maybe a picture showing what you can do inside when its raining.
You might want to use different materials and resources such as : pencils, paints, cotton wool, bubble wrap, cardboard, tin foil or any spare materials in your house.

When you have completed your picture, I would like you to write a sentence explaining your picture and a list of all the materials that you have used.

I am looking forward to seeing your pictures on Tapestry!

Mrs Metcalfe


Wednesday 10th June

Happy Wednesday Reception,

Today is a numbers challenge

1. Draw each of the numberblocks to 10 ( you can see what they look like when clicking the link)

2. Write the numbers to 10 under each numberblock

3. Play the numberblocks quiz by clicking on the link 


Mrs Metcalfe

Tuesday 9th June

Maths Shapes Challenge

Please complete the following shape task.

Click the link below to download.

1. Name the shapes
2. Cut out the shapes
3. Count the number of sides and write the number on the back of the shape.

Monday 8th June

Music, ICT and Maths

Good Morning Reception,
I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend.

Today is Music Monday

I would like you to play a fun music game, I really enjoyed it. Click on the link below and choose the game feel the beat. 

Noisy Task:

1. Find items in your house such as: a pan and a wooden spoon.
2. Play your own beats.
3. Ask an adult to play beats for you and you can count how many beats they play.
4. Record how many beats they played using a tally chart.

Enjoy your learning!

Friday 5th June

Listening and Attention

Todays Challenge is based on how well the children can listen and focus during a story.

Try to choose a less familiar story to read to the children.
Show them the front cover and say ‘This is the front cover of the book. What do you think it tells us about the book?’
‘Who do you think the characters will be in the book?’
Read the story allowing children time to look at the illustrations and ask questions.
After reading the story ask the children ‘What happened at the beginning of the story?’ they can look back at the beginning to remind them.
Now ask them to retell the story in sequence.

Ask the children draw a story map showing each part of the story in order.

Let us know how well they answered the questions and how well they listened to you when reading the story.

Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 4th June 

Self confidence and Self Awareness

Good Morning Reception,

I hope you have had a wonderful break!

Todays task is all about self confidence and self awareness.
I would like you to talk to an adult about something that you are good at.
Now think about something that you haven’t tried before but you would like to do.
Finally tell an adult about something that you would like to be better at.

This is a talking challenge but you could try to write a sentence about each of these
For example:
I am good at …..
I want to try ….
I want to get better at ……

I look forward to hearing your answers on Tapestry.

Mrs Metcalfe


Thursday 21st May

Good Morning,
Today is Thinking Thursday and I want us to think all about bees, yesterday was World Bee Day!I want you to find out information about bees using books, the internet or asking adults and siblings about them.
Try to find out why they are important and what they do. You could draw a picture of bees doing their job, make a poster all about bees or maybe even create your own book about bees.

Keep a look out for them, they are very busy at the moment!
Remember to BEE HAPPY

Wednesday 20th May

Today is a lovely sunshiny day…Why not spread the smiles and happiness with an act of kindness. Below is a link to some ideas to try.


Tuesday 19th May

Today I would like you to talk about food that you think is healthy and food that you think is unhealthy. Try to explain to an adult why it is healthy or unhealthy and why some food is not good for us.

Draw a picture of 5 of your favourite fruit and vegetables. You could even try to label your picture!
When you are drawing or writing remember to hold your pencil correctly.

Watch Barnaby sing the 5 a day song on the link below. 

You can play guess the vegetable using the following link. 

Monday 18th May

Try this fun ‘Guess Who’ maths task below. It helps build on memory as well as developing your maths skills.

Click on the link below


Miss Rhodes


Friday 15th May

Hi Reception,

Today I would like you to focus on your writing skills again. I would like you to write a caption for the picture attached below. Make sure you use finger spaces and your phonic knowledge to sound out. If you use a HF word make sure you spell it correctly.

Happy writing!

Thursday 14th May

Today I would like the children to think about school, please ask them the following questions or something similar. What do you remember about school?

Who are your best friends at school?

Why are they your friends?

What do you miss about school?

What is your favourite thing to play with?

Do we have any rules in school?

Now please draw a picture of you in school either with all your friends, teachers or doing your favourite thing at school. 

I look forward to hearing the answers and seeing the pictures on Tapestry.

Wednesday 13th May

Keep working on those important Maths skills Reception.

Can you find half of….




You can use the pom poms in your pack or other items around your house that may be good for counting.


Tuesday 12th May

Today is Talking Tuesday with a little bit of science.

Please ask the children the following questions ( I do not expect them to know the answers) :

1. Do you like bath time? Why?

2. Would you enjoy having a cold bath? Why?

3. How do we get the water to be warm?

4. What do you have to do every night before bed and every morning when you get up?

5. How is toothpaste made?

Now watch the following clip by clicking on the link below. 

Now discuss the video with the children, such as what they learnt, you can ask the children questions during the video to help with their understanding.

Please draw a picture of you brushing your teeth and label the picture.

Monday 11th May

Hi Reception,

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

I would like you to work on your writing skills today. It is important that we keep going with this skill as we are aiming to be able to write a sentence by the end of Reception. We can do it!

I’d like you to write two sentences about an interesting object. This could be something in your garden, around the house, your favourite toy etc.

Don’t forget finger spaces and to use your phonic knowledge to help you sound out.

You can do it!

Thursday 7th May

It’s here! Day 4 of the maths challenge : )


Wednesday 6th May

Click on the link below to discover day three of the Very Hungry Caterpillar maths session. Enjoy : )


Tuesday 5th May

Hungry Caterpillar maths continued. Click on the link below to access this fun maths activity. I think you will enjoy this one!


May the 4th be with you! : )

Hi Reception,

Today I would like you to have a go at this new maths challenge on the White Rose Maths Hub.

Read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then do the tasks that are linked to the story. If you don’t have the story to hand then there is a video clip on you tube of the story.

The website link is below…. 



Tomorrow’s exciting event online with Book Trust!

Are you ready for Pyjamarama? A great way to spend the day celebrating the bedtime story and booksharing in your pyjamas.

Friday 1st May will be a fun-filled festival of stories online for children and families at home. Join us at 10am on Friday 1st May…/…/online-story-and-rhyme-time/  for stories in pyjamas.

Other activities online at 

Thursday 30th April

It’s Estimation time!

We have learnt a little about how to estimate in our maths sessions but we have only touched on it and it is an important skill we need to learn in Reception. We described estimation as a ‘sensible guess’ at how many there are and then we check our answer by counting the objects we estimated.

With this in mind I have attached a fun Estimation activity for you to have a go! I look forward to seeing it on Tapestry so I can collect evidence for this particular skill.

Miss Rhodes


Wednesday 29th April

Todays Challenge is a physical challenge for Workout Wednesday, you also need to be a little bit creative and use your imagination!

First you need to warm up your body by doing some exercises. You could jog on the spot, do some start jumps, hop on the spot, do high knees and stretch your muscles. When you are warmed up and your heart is beating you are ready!

I would like you to pretend to be a variety of different animals and move in different ways.
Here are some example:
Slither like a snake
Gallop like a horse
Jump like a frog
Walk sideways like a crab
Walk like a dog
Hop like a bunny
Crawl like a tortoise

Now see if you can come up with some of your own. I have also attached a link to a really fun video which is a workout but also tells you about nocturnal animals. 

I cannot wait to see the videos!

Tuesday 28th April

We have been very lucky with the weather recently but today the sunshine has gone in so I thought it may be useful to share some ideas for learning and indoor activities. These are optional and could be used to inspire other ideas.Click the attachment below for some ideas and activities…

Rainy Day Play Indoors


Phonics News and Useful Resources

I am pleased to let you know that your child can receive a daily phonics lesson whilst schools are closed. Phonics is the way we teach children to recognise the sounds in words. It helps your child to learn to read and is an essential part of your child’s education.
During the summer term, you will be able to access for your child a daily phonics lesson by clicking on Letters and Sounds for home and school.

Please see the letter for parents attached below on how to access these fantastic phonics resources.

Letter to parents & carers about online phonics lessons

Monday 27th April

Good morning! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Today I would like you to challenge yourself with your phonics. Can you do the flashcards that were in your pack or one of the phonics games in your pack like the buried treasure game.

The buried treasure game can also be accessed for free on along with other fun phonics games.

Have fun reading!

Friday 24th April

Today I would like you to have a go at halving amounts.

See if you can solve the following…

Half of  4 is ____

Half of 2 is _____

Half of 6 is ______

Half of 10 is ______

It is up to you how you choose to work these out. Remember to show your work on Tapestry.

Have a lovely weekend Reception

Thursday 23rd April

Today I would like you to have a go at doubling numbers.

See if you can solve the following…

Double 4

Double 2

Double 6

Double 3

It is up to you how you choose to work these out. Remember to show your work on Tapestry.

Wednesday 22nd April

Hi Reception,

Following on from Mrs Metcalfe’s task linked to Workout Wednesday, you could also go on GO Noodle for some additional dance or exercise.

There are even some relaxation exercises you could try after your workout too. 


Tuesday 21st April

Continuing our learning of High Frequency words, here are some suggested activities and games that you might find good fun. Have a go!

Click the links below:

Let me know by posting a picture on Tapestry which ones you tried and had fun playing.

snakes and ladders first 17 words(1)

ink – caterpillar game – home(2)

Games and activities to help pupils read and spell the hfw(4)

Monday 20th April

Hello Reception,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.

Today I would like you to write four silly sentences with the high frequency words he, she, was, we.

For example, ‘He is on the moon.’   ‘She has green hair.’ 

They can be as silly as you like, just like when we do this activity in class. Remember to use your phonic knowledge and try to think of words to use in your sentence that you know how to write and words that include the phase 2/3 digraphs and trigraphs we have learnt.

Don’t forget to hold your pencil correctly and use finger spaces.

Friday 17th April

Happy Friday Reception,

Well done if you have completed yesterdays creative challenge with the cardboard box. I have enjoyed seeing these on Tapestry. If you haven’t managed this yet, it is an idea you could do on a rainy day!

Today I would like you to work on your rhyming skills. We have read lots of stories with a rhyming pattern and done lots of work around rhyme in class.

In this challenge, you have to look at the pictures and circle the pictures that rhyme. You can access this challenge by clicking on the document below.

Have fun and have a lovely weekend,
Miss Rhodes

Rhyming – odd one out 

Thursday 16th April

Hi Reception,

Today I would like you to get creative. Below is a fun attachment of different ways to transform a cardboard box. Use this as inspiration and let your imaginations go wild.

Click the link below to get inspired!

50 Things to do with a Cardboard_Box

Big Box Fun 1

Wednesday 15th April

What a beautiful, sunny Wednesday Reception. Today, I would like you to have some fun with a camera and go on a scavenger hunt. Look at the document below to find out what you need to discover and take pictures of. Try and get outdoors in the garden to take your photographs and enjoy the sunshine. Think about the distance you are taking the photograph – will it be close up or far away?

If you don’t have access to a camera, you can spot the things on the list and draw them.

Remember, always ask an adult if you are borrowing their camera phone.

Happy snapping Reception

Click on the link below for the photography scavenger hunt…



Tuesday 14th April

Hello Reception,

I hope you had a super Easter.

Here is a number bond to twenty,

19 + 1 = 20

A number bond to twenty is when two numbers add up to make twenty. Are there any other number bonds to twenty?
You could solve this by counting out twenty pom poms or objects around the house and then partition these. You may want to record this as I have done above or you could use the whole part model we have used in class.

Find as many ways to make twenty as you can.

Thursday 9th April

As well as creating your lovely Spring/Easter cards that Mrs Metcalfe has set you, I would like you to read your reading book today. Perhaps you could post a video on Tapestry of you reading a sentence from your book?

Those of you that have been reading every day, well done. Perhaps you could do a book review or draw your favourite character from your favourite story?

It is really important that you keep reading as much as you can.

Happy reading Reception.

Wednesday 8th April

Whilst you are doing all these lovely activities for Easter, you could research and learn about the Easter story and why we celebrate Easter.There are lots of resources out there on this to help. Twinkl has some great things and on cbeebies there is a story about a boy named Toby and how he celebrates Easter.

Perhaps you could do a story map on the Easter story?

Tuesday 7th April

Technology Tuesday!

I would like you to show me an example of the technology you use at home. This could be a game that you like to play on your tablet or computer. It could be you showing an adult how to switch on an electronic device like a TV, playstation or radio?
If you don’t use any of these items in your house then do you have any remote control cars or toys that move or talk?

It is a beautiful, sunny day so you may even like to go outside in your garden and be a photographer….you could take photos of flowers, trees, an interesting object.

Remember to always ask an adult for permission if you are using their phone/tablet or to use the internet safely.

I am looking forward to seeing how you use technology at home.

Monday 6th April

Hello Reception!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Today I would like you to try writing a silly sentence with the following phase two tricky words.

I, no, go, into, the, to.

For example…

I can go into the shop.

The sheep went to the moon.

No singing in the street.


Friday 3rd April

Happy Friday Everyone,

Today your  challenge is to use your senses!

Can you remember our 5 senses?  Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste, See!

Lets see how many of these you can complete:

Find something that makes a crunch sound
Find something that tastes sour
Find something that smells good
Find something that feels smooth
Find 3 of the same thing
Find something that tastes sweet
Find something that makes a loud noise
Find something that is tall/long
Find something that feels soft
Find something white
Find something quiet
Find something rough

Let me know how you get on, Good Luck!

Thursday 2nd April

Hi Reception,

Today I would like you to use the number cards that were in your home learning pack and get someone in your household to hide these all over the house.

You can then do an exciting number hunt around the room. When you find a number see if you can challenge yourself to write down 1 more than that number or 1 less than the number you have found.

Keep going until you find all twenty.

Enjoy hunting for numbers.

Wednesday 1st April

It’s Time to Rhyme!Today I would like you to practise hearing and finding rhyming words.

You could listen to a story, see if you can hear any rhyming words, you might then want to write down all of the rhyming words that you find.
An adult could write down some rhyming words, say them to see if you can hear which words rhyme and which do not.

You could create your own rhyming words e.g write down a word such as cat and see if children can come up with as many words as possible that rhyme with cat.

Key points – Often children think that words rhyme if they have the same initial sound. It is important that they can hear the rhyme at the end of the word, this needs to be done verbally and they may need the words repeating a number of times until they can hear the rhyme.

There is also a very good rhyming game on PhonicsPlay called Cake Bake. You can access PhonicsPlay for free by using the Username – march20 and Password – home.
If you click on parents and then interactive resources there are a number of useful phonics games, Cake Bake is under Phase 1 of the interactive resources.

Have Fun!

Tuesday 31st March

Happy Tuesday Everyone,
I hope that you have been enjoying the challenges so far.In the last week I have seen quite a few bees in my garden, I would like to to be detectives today.
Please can you investigate and find out all about bees and what they do!
You could find out information and create a picture or a poster to tell me all about them.
You might want to tell me verbally by uploading a video or you could take some pictures of you being a detective.

I cant wait to find out more about bees and look forward to seeing some of your picture

Monday 30th March

Good Morning,
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Todays challenge is to create some instructions!
Parents will need to support children with this as some will want to do it verbally and others may want to have a try at writing some simple instructions.
The instructions can be anything such as:
How to make a sandwich, How to brush your teeth, How to plant seeds, How to wash your hands. These are just examples you can create any instructions you wish.
I look forward to seeing these again on Tapestry.

Friday 27th March

Happy Friday Reception!

Toady I would like you to order the numbers to 20 that are in your packs.

Solve these calculations…
double 2______
double 4________
half of 4 is _____
1 more than 14 is ______
1 less than 10 is _______

After this task, you can relax for the weekend : )

Miss Rhodes


Thursday 26th March

Today I’d like you to be 3D shape detectives. Can you look around the house and garden to find five 3D shapes that we have learnt in class. This could be a sphere, cuboid, cube, cylinder or triangular prism. For example, football is a sphere and a wardrobe is a cuboid.

I would like you to use the key language we have been using to describe these shapes when you describe the shape to someone in your household. For example…

The football is a sphere. It has no vertices and one round face.

The cereal box is a cuboid. It has 8 vertices and 4 rectangle faces and 2 square faces.

Again, please could you show this on Tapestry.

Enjoy your shape hunt.

Miss Rhodes


Wednesday 25th March

Happy Wednesday Reception : )

Today I would like you to get your heart rates up and your bodies moving. See if you can skip, jump, hop and move around in different ways or do a balance like the ones we have been working on in PE. Why not dance to your favourite song?!

I would really love to see your home PE sessions on Tapestry.

Thankyou to all the parents/carers so far who have been posting home learning on Tapestry. It is so lovely to still be able to see my amazing class doing their learning at home.

Miss Rhodes

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning!

Today I would like you to be mathematicians! I would like you to find as many different ways to make ten. You could use the pom poms in your pack or ten objects around  the house. Partition these to make number bonds to ten.

Record your findings using the whole part model we have been working on in school or you could draw the objects or write the calculations.

I would like to see this piece of learning on Tapestry so I can celebrate your super home learning.

An additional resource to use for this would be ‘Series one: The whole of me’ episode of Numberblocks on BBCiplayer. It will remind children how to partition to make the whole number.

Happy adding!

Miss Rhodes

Monday 23rd March

Good afternoon Reception.

Thank you to all the parents who have already started to put learning on Tapestry. I have been in school today so your daily task is later than planned.

We have been doing lots of learning about minibeasts. Can you choose your favourite one to draw and label it using your phonic knowledge. If you want to challenge yourself further, you could write a caption about your chosen minibeast.

I am looking forward to seeing your amazing labelled drawings of minibeasts on Tapestry : )

Also continue to work on the activities from your class pack.

Enjoy your first home learning task and take care.

Miss Rhodes

Click the following link to view the Reception Guide for home learning…
Reception Guide
Please have a look at the Reception Guide for home learning. Home learning packs were distributed on Wednesday. There is a pack ready for collection for every child.  I hope you will find this helpful and useful for you continuing your child’s learning at home.

Children will also be taking an exciting Easter learning pack today.

If your child completes an activity from the pack then please feel free to post it on Tapestry as I would love to celebrate their achievements and their learning.

Thankyou for your continued support

Spring 2
This half term we will be looking at the stories The Very Lazy Ladybird and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This is linked to our topic on Minibeasts.

We will also have a role play vets surgery, following the children’s interests on pets.

Click on the following link to view our newsletter for this half term….

half termly newsletter spring 2


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