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Tuesday 31st March

Happy Tuesday Everyone,
I hope that you have been enjoying the challenges so far.In the last week I have seen quite a few bees in my garden, I would like to to be detectives today.
Please can you investigate and find out all about bees and what they do!
You could find out information and create a picture or a poster to tell me all about them.
You might want to tell me verbally by uploading a video or you could take some pictures of you being a detective.

I cant wait to find out more about bees and look forward to seeing some of your picture

Monday 30th March

Good Morning,
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Todays challenge is to create some instructions!
Parents will need to support children with this as some will want to do it verbally and others may want to have a try at writing some simple instructions.
The instructions can be anything such as:
How to make a sandwich, How to brush your teeth, How to plant seeds, How to wash your hands. These are just examples you can create any instructions you wish.
I look forward to seeing these again on Tapestry.

Friday 27th March

Happy Friday Reception!

Toady I would like you to order the numbers to 20 that are in your packs.

Solve these calculations…
double 2______
double 4________
half of 4 is _____
1 more than 14 is ______
1 less than 10 is _______

After this task, you can relax for the weekend : )

Miss Rhodes


Thursday 26th March

Today I’d like you to be 3D shape detectives. Can you look around the house and garden to find five 3D shapes that we have learnt in class. This could be a sphere, cuboid, cube, cylinder or triangular prism. For example, football is a sphere and a wardrobe is a cuboid.

I would like you to use the key language we have been using to describe these shapes when you describe the shape to someone in your household. For example…

The football is a sphere. It has no vertices and one round face.

The cereal box is a cuboid. It has 8 vertices and 4 rectangle faces and 2 square faces.

Again, please could you show this on Tapestry.

Enjoy your shape hunt.

Miss Rhodes


Wednesday 25th March

Happy Wednesday Reception : )

Today I would like you to get your heart rates up and your bodies moving. See if you can skip, jump, hop and move around in different ways or do a balance like the ones we have been working on in PE. Why not dance to your favourite song?!

I would really love to see your home PE sessions on Tapestry.

Thankyou to all the parents/carers so far who have been posting home learning on Tapestry. It is so lovely to still be able to see my amazing class doing their learning at home.

Miss Rhodes

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning!

Today I would like you to be mathematicians! I would like you to find as many different ways to make ten. You could use the pom poms in your pack or ten objects around  the house. Partition these to make number bonds to ten.

Record your findings using the whole part model we have been working on in school or you could draw the objects or write the calculations.

I would like to see this piece of learning on Tapestry so I can celebrate your super home learning.

An additional resource to use for this would be ‘Series one: The whole of me’ episode of Numberblocks on BBCiplayer. It will remind children how to partition to make the whole number.

Happy adding!

Miss Rhodes

Monday 23rd March

Good afternoon Reception.

Thank you to all the parents who have already started to put learning on Tapestry. I have been in school today so your daily task is later than planned.

We have been doing lots of learning about minibeasts. Can you choose your favourite one to draw and label it using your phonic knowledge. If you want to challenge yourself further, you could write a caption about your chosen minibeast.

I am looking forward to seeing your amazing labelled drawings of minibeasts on Tapestry : )

Also continue to work on the activities from your class pack.

Enjoy your first home learning task and take care.

Miss Rhodes

Click the following link to view the Reception Guide for home learning…
Reception Guide
Please have a look at the Reception Guide for home learning. Home learning packs were distributed on Wednesday. There is a pack ready for collection for every child.  I hope you will find this helpful and useful for you continuing your child’s learning at home.

Children will also be taking an exciting Easter learning pack today.

If your child completes an activity from the pack then please feel free to post it on Tapestry as I would love to celebrate their achievements and their learning.

Thankyou for your continued support

Spring 2
This half term we will be looking at the stories The Very Lazy Ladybird and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This is linked to our topic on Minibeasts.

We will also have a role play vets surgery, following the children’s interests on pets.

Click on the following link to view our newsletter for this half term….

half termly newsletter spring 2