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Free School Meals

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If you are eligible for means tested free school meals but not currently attending school, the kitchen can provide your child with a packed lunch each day. Staff from school will deliver these to your doorstep. On delivery, please have your children at a window to wave to the member of staff delivering, so we know they are in! Once a member of staff has seen your child, they will leave the lunch bag on the doorstep. Please do not open the door until the staff member has moved at least 2 metres away, so we can stick to social distancing rules.  Lunches will consist of the type of packed lunch school would usually provide on a school trip. Sandwiches will be from a selection of either cheese, tuna, ham or egg, depending on what is available to the kitchen. You cannot select each day but if there is a type you would NOT like us to send, then please say and we will do our best. Lunches will be delivered from 11am onwards.

You will shortly be sent a text message if we have you on our list. If you would like a lunch delivering tomorrow, you MUST either reply to the text or email TODAY to allow us to give numbers to the kitchen. Messages received after 8am on Tuesday 24th  will not receive a lunch until Wednesday 25th. Once you tell us you would like lunches delivered, we will continue daily until you tell us otherwise. At this difficult time, please help us to avoid food waste.

PLEASE NOTE: This is different to the universal infant free school meals for Reception to Year 2 and you are only eligible if you have registered with the local authority for means tested free school meals.

If you are not entitled to free school meals but find yourself struggling to feed your family, please contact school as we may be able to help.


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