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A note to parents/carers…

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Dear Parents/Carers,

If you are having a structured day, managing learning, keeping fit, perhaps working from home too, then you are doing AMAZING – and better than I am!

If you are balancing work from home with helping your children do their work plus some exercise and/or fun things, then you are doing great!

If you are doing the best you can, everyone is out of bed (maybe even dressed) and no one has gone grey/pulled their hair out/given up altogether – you are doing great!

Change is hard for everyone and we are all doing our best as workers, parents, partners, family and friends.

I hope you are all being kind to yourselves. Perfect doesn’t exist but love, health, community and family do and they are what matters most.

If you are struggling, we are here. If you are managing the first thing on this message, send me your tips!!!

Jo Wilkinson

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