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Dear Parents and Carers,

as you know we were originally all set to open this week to more children and held back our plans after advice from the council and public health.

Our risk assessments have been checked and double checked, our staff have had training and discussions and exciting ideas for the rest of term so I am very pleased to say that we plan to open on Monday 8th June, following the original plans we shared with you.

These plans will only change now if something out of our control happens, such as the council closing all Bradford schools!

If your child is in Reception, Year One or Year Six, you will receive a letter with more detail than the overview sent previously. This will be posted here on class dojo, on the website and I will send a text to say it is ready. This may not be until the weekend, as tomorrow will be a very busy day for me in school! The letter will tell you what to bring/not bring, which entrance to use and the timings, which will not be usual school times.

We will assume that the choice you made before the holiday about sending your child is the same. If you have changed your mind since then, please contact school to talk about this.

I can’t express in a message how excited I am to be seeing more of our children next week!


Jo Wilkinson  😊😊😊😊😊


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