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Mission Statement

At Glenaire, we aim to provide children with memorable learning experiences through a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which meets our children’s needs and makes the most of our local area. We will continue to raise levels of achievement through effective leadership which will secure high quality learning experiences for all pupils. Children will feel safe, happy, valued and challenged in a nurturing environment. We will ensure that all children are prepared for the next steps in their education by creating a love of learning and developing confidence, respect, self-esteem and independence. We will work in close collaboration with parents, involving them in all aspects of school life and respecting and supporting the essential role they play in their child’s development. Glenaire will be a school that children are proud to be a part of and that staff are proud to work in.


At Glenaire Primary School we have three simple rules that we all try hard to follow.

  • Follow a safety or learning instruction.
  • Respect people, places and things.
  • Work hard and challenge yourself.
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