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Wednesday 6th January 2021

Good Morning Year 1 pupils and parents, I hope you are all well.  I do feel a little sad this morning that you will not be with me in class today but hope you find the learning tasks below useful.  If you would like me to see any of your completed tasks please take a photo and send it to me via class dojo.

Parents, just so you know this week a will attach a daily maths task, a daily English task and an activity for the afternoon.

Today in maths, please watch the maths lesson attached below and then complete the maths activity sheet.  If you do not have a print don’t worry you can write the answer to the questions on a piece or paper or just tell an adult the answers.

Here is the video

Here is the activity sheet.

6th January 2021 Maths Activity Sheet

Today in English, please look at the handwriting families and practice forming each letter correctly.  When you have completed your handwriting please read all the keyword flashcards in your word wallet.  Time yourself and see how quickly you can read them by sight.

6th January 2021 Handwriting Families

This afternoon, either read your ‘to share book’ with an adult at home OR get some fresh air, play in the garden or go for a walk.  If you have time please take a photo of what you choose to do and send it to me on class dojo.  Alternatively you could draw a picture from your story or walk and send me a photo on class dojo.

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