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Information Letter Regarding the return to school in June

Mrs Wilkinson –
Good Morning! I don’t seem to have had many replies to the letter explaining our plans on the website. I have attached it below. Once you have read the information, I need to know for definite, as soon as possible, whether you will be sending your Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 child after the half term break. This will allow me to plan staffing and also to send you the more detailed information you will need for Thursday 4th June

Please read the Letter attached below.

Glenaire Covid letter to parents 18.05.20

Phonics News and Useful Resources

I am pleased to let you know that your child can receive a daily phonics lesson whilst schools are closed. Phonics is the way we teach children to recognise the sounds in words. It helps your child to learn to read and is an essential part of your child’s education.
During the summer term, you will be able to access for your child a daily phonics lesson by clicking on Letters and Sounds for home and school.

Please see the letter for parents attached here on how to access these fantastic phonics resources.

The learning to blend videos are great for Nursery as they are familiar with the sounds they are using.


Today’s Challenge

Friday 10th July

Forest Friday

Happy Friday Nursery,
I don’t know about you but I am really missing our forest Friday sessions. Today I would like you to get outdoors into the fresh air and do some super maths work.

I have attached some challenge cards and it would be great to see some of the tasks when you have completed them.

Let me know how you get on!

Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 9th July

Good Morning Nursery,

Today is thinking Thursday!

I would like you to talk to the children about being safe in the kitchen and around the house. Use the dangers in the kitchen activity sheet as a guide. Ask the children to help you spot the dangers in the kitchen.


After completing the activity sheet I would like the children to help make their own healthy snack and allow children time to discuss things that might be safe or unsafe in the kitchen.

Mrs Metcalfe

Wednesday 8th July

Workout Wednesday

Good Morning,

Today I would like you to ask the children to change into some workout clothes. It is important that the children can dress and undress independently for PE lessons next year.

For todays workout I have attached some Fitness cards. You will need to set up a small circuit area.
It would be great if the children could try each of the circuit cards but feel free to leave some out. Please click the link below to access the cards.


Mrs Metcalfe

Tuesday 7th July

Talking Tuesday

Good Morning Nursery,

Today is talking Tuesday. I would like you to discuss starting reception in September.
It is important to talk to the children about starting school in September, but it is also important not to talk about it too much as that may make them anxious.

You can ask questions such as :
What do you think your new classroom will look like?
What are you going to play with?
What have you missed the most about school?
What is your new uniform like?
Who is your class teacher going to be?
Is there anything you are worried about?
What do you enjoy doing at school?

I would like the children to create a booklet answering some of the questions using pictures. They could draw pictures of their new classroom, playing with friends or their favourite activities at school. They could also draw a picture of them in their new school uniform.

It would be great to hear some of the children’s answers and to let us know about any worries the children may have.

Mrs Metcalfe

Monday 6th July

Good Morning,

Today I would like the children to play a game that is familiar to them as we play it in nursery.
You need a dice and some instruments. ( The instruments could be body percussion or items in the house such as pans)

Roll the dice and count the dots.
Now play that number of beats on your chosen instrument. e.g roll a 3 then make 3 beats ( it could simply be 3 claps or 3 beats on the pan)
Continue rolling the dice, counting the dots and playing the beats.

I would also like the children to practise singing their favourite nursery rhymes.

Mrs Metcalfe

Friday 3rd July

Happy Friday Nursery,

Today is Phonics Friday!

I would like you to focus on phase 2 phonics today as this will be what the children focus on in Reception at the start of the year.
Please do not worry if the children struggle, this is to give you an idea about what the children are expected to know.
We have worked on these sounds in Nursery so I am sure they will be familiar to them.
Please watch the video below to see the correct pronunciation of phase 2 sounds in phonics.I have attached two useful videos, on the first video phase 2 sounds are only the first 39 seconds but feel free to watch how to pronounce the other sounds.


The video will be useful for the children to recap the sounds and for parents to understand the pronunciation of the sounds.

Now using the link below you can check which sounds your child knows. You can print out the flashcards or just point to each sound on screen. These are just the phase 2 sounds and they are the first sounds that we teach, they are not in alphabetical order.



Now to play a game using the cards, hold up a flashcard and ask the children to find an item beginning with that sound.
Alphablocks is also great for teaching children phonics sounds, the link below shows each letter of the alphabet and the sound that it makes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/watch/alphablocks-watch

Any problems or anything you are unsure about please email me or ask on here.
Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 2nd July

Good Morning Nursery,

Today is a maths challenge. I want you to understand the difference between more and less. Please watch the following Number blocks to help with your understanding. https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/watch/numberblocks-who-has-more-song 

After watching the clip, collect a number of items and sort them into 2 groups.
The children could sort the items in any way such as colour, size or items for example 6 pencils sorted into orange pencils and green pencils or 9 pieces of fruit sorted into 6 bananas and 3 oranges.
Try to do this with a number of different items and ask the children which group has more and which group has less.

Now try the game Curious George on Topmarks maths by clicking the link below. (I have attached both links incase one doesn’t work) https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Search.aspx?q=ONE%20MORE%20OR%20LESS  https://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge/busyday/bugs/ 

Now try the activity sheet attached. https://www.glenaireprimary.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/T-N-666-More-Or-Less-Colouring-Activity_ver_2.pdf

I hope this helps with understanding more and less.

Mrs Metcalfe

Wednesday 1st July

Good Morning,

Today is workout Wednesday. I would like you try try some dancing.
Please watch the following clip and try to learn the moves and dance along to the music.


It would be great to see a video of the children learning the dance.

Please ask the children:

Which part of the dance was your favourite and why?

Which bit was the hardest?

Can you think of your own dance moves?

Have Fun!

Mrs Metcalfe

Tuesday 30th June

Good Morning,

I hope you all enjoyed making music with water yesterday.

Today I would like you to be detectives! Something has been eating my sunflowers and my vegetables in the garden. I think it might be slugs and snails. I would like you to find out some information about slugs and snails. You could try and find some outside or see if you can find any slug/snail trails.
I would like you to look at the patterns on a snails shell and draw your own snail shell patterns.
Please make notes on any information you find out and please let me know.

Thankyou for your help detectives and good luck!

Mrs Metcalfe



Monday 29th June

Happy Monday,

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend despite all of the rain.

Music Monday –

Today I would like you to use water to create music!

What you will need:
4 or more glasses, glass bottles or glass jars
Wooden stick such as a pencil, wooden spoon or a metal spoon (BUT be careful)

1) Line the glasses up next to each other and fill them with different amounts of water. The first should have just a little water while the last should almost be full, the ones in between should have slightly more than the last. You could add food colouring to these to make the water amounts more visible.
2) Hit the glass with the least amount of water and observe the sound, then hit the glass with the most water, which makes the higher sound?
3) Hit the other glasses and see what noise they make, see if you can get a tune going by hitting the glasses in a certain order.

Whats happening?
Each of the glasses will have a different tone when hit with the pencil, the glass with the most water will have the lowest tone while the glass with the least water will have the highest. Small vibrations are made when you hit the glass, this creates sound waves which travel through the water. More water means slower vibrations and a deeper tone.

Friday 26th June

Phonics Friday

Happy Friday Everyone,

Today is phonics Friday!

Please watch the next Mr Thorne by clicking on the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6fxDt4nV64 

Search the house for items that begin with ‘a’.

It would be great if you could take a picture of the items using a camera ( with some support from an adult ).

I would also like you to practise writing your name and each letter of the alphabet,
*Remember to hold your pencil using the correct pencil grip.

Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 25th June

Good Morning,

I hope you all enjoyed the science experiment!

Today is a creative task. The sunflowers in my garden are beginning to flower and I would like you to create your own sunflower picture. You can be as creative as you like! I have attached a few ideas for you but feel free to create your own.

Mrs Metcalfe




Wednesday 24th June

Good Morning,

I hope you are ready for today’s Science experiment!
Did you get your ice ready yesterday?

You will need:
A Glass

Please carry out the task and then speak to the children about what has happened.
It would be great if the children could draw a picture showing before and after the experiment or if you could record them carrying out the experiment!

Mrs Metcalfe


Tuesday 23rd June

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is Talking Tuesday!

I have a very important challenge for you today. Todays challenge will prepare you for a science challenge tomorrow.

I would like you to talk to the children about ice, what it is and how it is made. You can talk to them about it being a liquid and how to make it into a solid.
Then make your own ice cubes. ( Ready for tomorrows science experiment)

Here are some video clips to watch with the children and to help with your discussion:




I hope you enjoy todays challenge

Mrs Metcalfe



Monday 22nd June

Music Monday (Poems)

Below is a number of links to some spring poems. Please listen to the poems with the children and discuss the poems with the children.




Now I would like the children to create their own summer poems. Ask them to tell you about what happens in summer.

You could write down what they know and the children can draw a picture showing what they know about summer.


Friday 19th June

Good Morning Nursery and Happy Friday!

Today is Phonics Friday

I would like you to watch the video link. It focusses on the sound ‘S’.
I think you will enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMEvxTGvi4c&t=1s

After the video I would like you to draw as many items as you can beginning with ‘S’.

Enjoy your day

Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 18th June

Thinking Thursday

Good Morning ,

As today would usually be Thinking Thursday and we often do baking, I would like you to make some ‘Gruffalo Bites’.

Click the link below to access ‘The Gruffalo’ story first. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00pk64x/the-gruffalo 

Now time to make the bites! Click on the link for the ingredients and the instructions.


I hope you have fun and I hope that they taste delicious.

Mrs Metcalfe






Wednesday 17th June

Good Morning,

Today is Workout Wednesday!

I would like you to play a game many of you will be familiar with but there may be some actions you aren’t familiar with.
Please click on the picture to find out how to play ‘Magic Beans’.

Remember to drink plenty of water and to warm up before you start the game.

Please let me know how the children get on with the game and how good they are at following the instructions.

Mrs Metcalfe



Tuesday 16th June

Good Morning Nursery,

Todays Challenge is a Science experiment. I would like you to watch the Sinking and Floating song by clicking on the link below.


You will need a big bowl or bucket of water. Now collect lots of items in the house or in the garden.
I would like you to predict which items will sink and which will float.
Can you finish these sentences:
I think the __________ will float.
I think the ___________ will sink.

Parents try to ask the children why they think the items will sink or float.
When you have tried all of the items, I would like you to create a table showing the items that sank and the items that floated.

Good Luck
Mrs Metcalfe

Monday 15th June

Good Morning and Happy Monday,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

As from today many of the shops are opening. I would like you to create your own shop. It could sell clothes, toys, food, fruit and vegetables, shoes or anything you like.
Please create a price list for your shop and then you can write a shopping list.
I would like you to pretend to be a shopkeeper for the day.

I hope you all have fun and I look forward to seeing your shop ideas and acting skills on Tapestry.

Mrs Metcalfe

Friday 12th June

Happy Friday Everyone,

Today is a phonics and ICT challenge!

I would like you to access the phonics play website. https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

You can access the games for free using the username: march20 and password:home.

I would like the children to try two games.
Phase 1 – Cake Bake to help with recognising rhyme.
Phase 2 – Grab a giggling grapheme ( Please select phase 2 sounds)

It would be really useful if you can let me know how your child gets on with recognising rhyme and also which sounds the children recognise.

You can also watch the Jolly Phonics song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvAYUvQUrGo

Enjoy your Friday

Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 11th June

Good Morning Nursery,

I hope you managed to get out in the fresh air yesterday, despite all the rain.

Todays task is to create a rainy day picture! You can be as creative as you like!
It could be a picture of you playing in the rain, a picture of the sky with clouds and rain or maybe a picture showing what you can do inside when its raining.
You might want to use different materials and resources such as : pencils, paints, cotton wool, bubble wrap, cardboard, tin foil or any spare materials in your house.

I am looking forward to seeing your pictures on Tapestry!

Mrs Metcalfe

Wednesday 10th June

Happy Wednesday Nursery,

Today is a counting Challenge.

1. Practise counting back from 5 to 0

2. Watch/ Sing Numberblocks speckled frogs using the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/watch/numberblocks-five-speckled-frogs-song 

3. Draw 5 speckled frogs

4. Write the numbers 1 – 5 under each frog.

Tuesday 9th June

Maths Shapes Challenge

Please complete the following shape task.

1. Name the shapes
2. Cut out the shapes
3. Count the number of sides and write the number on the back of the shape.


Monday 8th June

Music Monday

Good Morning Nursery,
I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend.

Today is Music Monday

I would like you to play a fun music game, I really enjoyed it.
Click on the link below and choose the game feel the beat.

Noisy Task:

1. Find items in your house such as: a pan and a wooden spoon.
2. Play your own beats.
3. Ask an adult to play beats for you and you can count how many beats they play.
4. Record how many beats they played using a tally chart.

Enjoy your learning!

Mrs Metcalfe

Friday 5th June

Listening and Attention

Todays Challenge is based on how well the children can listen and focus during a story.

Try to choose a less familiar story to read to the children.
Show them the front cover and say ‘This is the front cover of the book. What do you think it tells us about the book?’
Read the story allowing children time to look at the illustrations and ask questions.
After reading the story ask the children ‘What happened at the beginning of the story?’ they can look back at the beginning to remind them.
Now ask them to retell the story in sequence.

Ask the children draw a new front cover for the book.

Let us know how well they answered the questions and how well they listened to you when reading the story.

Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 4th June

Name Writing

Good Morning Nursery,

I hope you have had a wonderful break.
Today I would like you to show me how fantastic you are at writing your name. I would like you to be creative and write it in different ways e.g different coloured pens, paints, using water and a paintbrush on a wall, using play-doughor maybe even using stones.
Remember how to hold your pencil or paintbrush correctly.

Parents – Please try to take a picture to show your Childs work, but also how they are holding their pencil. Let me know how much support they needed or if they needed reminding how to hold their pencil. I have attached an example of how they should be holding their pencil.

Mrs Metcalfe





Friday 22nd May

Forest Friday

Happy Friday Everyone,

Today I would like you to be outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather.
During my walk yesterday I came across lots of wild flowers and I couldn’t name them all so I had to look in a book when I got home.
I would like you to go on a walk and complete the spot it sheet attached below. (I would also like children to use the camera to take pictures of the flowers that they find).
If you find any flowers that are not on the list you could draw them or take a picture of them and try to find out what they are called.

Enjoy your flower hunting!

Mrs Metcalfe



Thursday 21st May

Thinking Thursday

Good Morning,
Today is Thinking Thursday and I want us to think all about bees, yesterday was World Bee Day!

I want you to find out information about bees using books, the internet or asking adults and siblings about them.
Try to find out why they are important and what they do. You could draw a picture of bees doing their job, make a poster all about bees or maybe even create your own book about bees.

Keep a look out for them, they are very busy at the moment!
Remember to BEE HAPPY!

Mrs Metcalfe


Wednesday 20th May

Workout Wednesday

This week I am wanting us to think about our bodies and how we keep them fit and healthy. Yesterday we thought about healthy and unhealthy food, today I want you to keep fit.

The weather is hopefully going to be nice today so try to get outside for some exercise. I would like you to create your own workout.
Before you start the workout, think about how your body is feeling.
When you finish the workout, think about how your body is feeling after exercise.

Do you feel warmer?
Can you feel your heart beating faster?
Are you out of breath?
Do you feel sweaty?
If the answer is no to any of these questions, you need to do some more exercise!
*Remember to drink plenty of water to keep your bodies hydrated, especially if it is warm and you are doing exercise.

I cant wait to see your workouts on Tapestry and I might even try some of them out. Remember to tell me about how your body is feeling!

Mrs Metcalfe

Tuesday 19th May

Talking Tuesday

Today I would like you to talk about food that you think is healthy and food that you think is unhealthy. Try to explain to an adult why it is healthy or unhealthy and why some food is not good for us.

Draw a picture of 5 of your favourite fruit and vegetables. You could even try to label your picture!
When you are drawing or writing remember to hold your pencil correctly.

Watch Barnaby sing the 5 a day song on the link below. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p011lbd4

You can play guess the vegetable using the following link.https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/puzzles/our-family-vegetable-quiz

Monday 18th May

Music Monday ( Body Percussion)

Today is Music Monday and I would like you to create you own music using your body parts as an instrument.

You can click on the link to watch a video of some body percussion and to try and learn the dance. I have tried it myself and it is fun but also tricky.


When you have tried the dance, try to create your own body percussion whilst singing your favourite Nursery Rhymes or to your favourite music.

Good Luck and have fun!

Mrs Metcalfe

Friday 15th May 

Today is a maths challenge, but seen as it is Forest Friday it would be great if you could use items from the outdoors or go on a walk to find some.

I would like you to collect a number of objects such as sticks, leaves or stones.

Please order the items according to their size or length, try to use language such as biggest, smallest, tallest or shortest.

You might want to weigh the items or just feel which is the heaviest or lightest, you might even predict which is the heaviest or lightest before weighing them.

You could  measure the items and write down how long they are.

Also try to think about if any of the items are the same height or weight.


Thursday 14th May

Thinking Thursday

Today I would like the children to think about school, please ask them the following questions or something similar.

What do you remember about school?

Who are your best friends at school?

Why are they your friends?

What do you miss about school?

What is your favourite thing to play with?

Do we have any rules in school?

Now please draw a picture of you in school either with all your friends, teachers or doing your favourite thing at school.

I look forward to hearing the answers and seeing the pictures on Tapestry.

Mrs Metcalfe



Wednesday 13th May

Workout Wednesday 

This week I would like you to create your own obstacle course, it can be done inside or outside!

I would like you to plan your obstacle course first, by writing down the items that you will need and to draw what it is going to look like. On your obstacle course you need to be able to balance and climb under and over objects. Try to make sure that you think about how to improve your obstacle course or how to make it more challenging. Remember to move around your course with skill and confidence!

Good Luck

Mrs Metcalfe

Tuesday 12th May 

Talking Tuesday

Today is Talking Tuesday and I wanted to incorporate a little bit of science.

Please ask the children the following questions ( I do not expect them to know the answers) :

1. Do you like bath time? Why?

2. Would you enjoy having a cold bath? Why?

3. How do we get the water to be warm?

4. What do you have to do every night before bed and every morning when you get up?

5. How is toothpaste made?

Now watch the following clip by clicking on the link below.

Now discuss the video with the children, such as what they learnt, you can ask the children questions during the video to help with their understanding.

Please draw a picture of you brushing your teeth and label the picture.

Mrs Metcalfe

Monday 11th May

Creative Challenge

Good Morning,
I hope you have all enjoyed the long weekend and I hope you managed to enjoy the lovely weather before it disappeared!
Today is a creative task!
I would like you to choose different materials from your house or garden. Try to describe the textures of the materials such as what they feel like or smell like.
Attach the different materials to pegs and use them to create a picture using paint.
I have attached an example of materials below.

Im looking forward to seeing what materials you choose!

Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 7th May

Alphabet Arc

Today I want us to work on letters in the alphabet, remember these are the names of letters not the sounds they make.

1. I would like you to practise singing the alphabet song and record this for Tapestry.

2. Use the alphabet arc that I have attached, find your own online or even create your own. Point to each letter of the alphabet in order saying each letter name.

3. Parents say one letter of the alphabet (out of order) to see if children can point to the correct letter.

4. Children to practise writing each letter of the alphabet in lowercase and uppercase.

Enjoy your Thursday,

Mrs Metcalfe


Wednesday 6th May

Good Morning,
Its Workout Wednesday!
Today is all about practising skills that you need for playing team games.
1. I would like you to practise throwing and catching with a partner.
2. Count how many times you can throw and catch without dropping the ball, it would be great if you could create a tally chart to show me how many times you can do this. ( Please remind children how to do a tally chart but then encourage them to draw the lines to record their own number)
3. Try kicking a ball at a target or practise kicking a ball to a partner then stopping it with one foot.
4. Put a observation or pictures onto Tapestry to let me know how you did.

Remember to do a warm up before you start your exercise!

Mrs Metcalfe

Tuesday 5th May

Talking Tuesday/ Kindness Challenge 

Today for Talking Tuesday I would like you to focus on kindness.

1. Discuss the word kind/ kindness with the children and ask them to think about what it means to them and why it is important to be kind.

2. Watch the audio radio clip, click on the link below.

3. Discuss the key parts of the radio clip with the children asking what they thought about it.

4. Create a poster on the different ways that we can be kind and why we should be kind.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and seeing your posters.

Mrs Metcalfe



Monday 4th May

Music Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today is Music Monday again, the challenge today is focussing on rhyme. It is important that we keep practising rhyme to ensure that we get more confident at recognising rhyme is songs and stories.

I would like you to play ‘What’s in my Bag?

1. For this activity you will need a bag and some household objects. Some suggestions are:
Spoon, Pen, Sock, Book, Cup, Phone, Doll,Key, Shoe, Pan, Car, Cookie, Brush, Ball, Clip, Form, Note, Letter.
You can choose any of the above or your own items.

2. Put several items into the bag

3. Say to the children “We are going to play a rhyming game. You will pull items out of the bag and tell me the name of the item. Then you have to say a word that rhymes with it. This word can be a real word or a nonsense word. If you pull out a pen, you could say hen or you could say a silly word like nen!”

4. Continue until your child has thought of rhyming words for every object.

I hope you enjoy the game and remember to let me know how you get on!

Remember you can access PhonicsPlay for free at the moment using the username:march20 and the password:home
There is a really fun rhyming game on there called Cake Bake. It is under interactive resources/ phase 1.
You can click on the link below to access the game. Just type in the username and password!


Enjoy your Music Monday!
Mrs Metcalfe


Friday 1st May

Number Challenge

I would like children to practise writing the numbers to 10 on pieces on paper, then ask them draw the correct number of dots underneath the number.

Mix up the numbers and ask children to reorder them correctly.

Point to a number randomly and ask the children:

What number is this?

What is one more  than this number?

What is one less than this number?

Can you point a number that is bigger than this number? How do you know that number is bigger?

Can you find a number that is bigger than 5 but smaller than 10?

Can you count to 10?

Now can you count to 10 starting at number 4?

Can you count backwards from 10?

Now can you count backwards from 7?

Can you count backwards from 10 but stop at 5?

Please finish the Number challenge by playing on a games of your choice on Topmarks Maths Games, please click on the link below.




Thursday 30th April

Rainy Day Challenge – Yesterday when I woke up and saw it was raining I was really disappointed, then I realised I didn’t need it to be sunny to go outside. In Nursery we go outside in all weathers and we always have so much fun.

Me and my daughter decided to go out in the rain, we put on our wellies and our raincoats and went jumping in big muddy puddles! Of course we got extremely wet but it didn’t matter we had lots of fun and lots of laughter, I forgot how much fun it was playing in the rain. 

Please, if you can, embrace the weather and make sure you have fun playing in the rain!

Remember I want to see lots of pictures of you in your wellies and coats, getting very wet and playing in muddy puddles.

Mrs Metcalfe


Wednesday 29th April

Todays Challenge is a physical challenge for Workout Wednesday, you also need to be a little bit creative and use your imagination!

First you need to warm up your body by doing some exercises. You could jog on the spot, do some start jumps, hop on the spot, do high knees and stretch your muscles. When you are warmed up and your heart is beating you are ready!

I would like you to pretend to be a variety of different animals and move in different ways.
Here are some example:
Slither like a snake
Gallop like a horse
Jump like a frog
Walk sideways like a crab
Walk like a dog
Hop like a bunny
Crawl like a tortoise

Now see if you can come up with some of your own.
I have also attached a link to a really fun video which is a workout but also tells you about nocturnal animals.

I cannot wait to see the videos!

Mrs Metcalfe

Tuesday 28th April

Talking Tuesday

Today would usually be Talking Tuesday so our focus today is on Understanding.
I would like you to work on Following instructions, below are some examples of 2 part instructions for children to follow, you can adapt these as you wish. Many of the examples are based on using positional language which is an important part of children’s understanding.

Example Questions:

Can you put the red toy on the table and the green toy under the chair?
Can you stand behind the chair?
Can you put the spoon inside the bowl and put the fork on the plate?
Can you get me 3 blue pegs and put them inside the drawer?
Can you stand next to the bin?
Can you put 6 blocks on top of each other? Now make a smaller tower of blocks?

For a further Challenge you could ask children to follow directions:
Take 3 steps forward
Turn (You could say left or right to challenge the children further)
Take 2 more steps forward
Take 4 jumps backwards

You could guide them to an object.

Enjoy the challenge, I look forward to seeing how the children get on with the task!

Mrs Metcalfe

Monday 27th April

Good Morning Nursery,

I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend!

I have decided to set Nursery a separate challenge today, feel free to do the Nursery/Reception challenge too, they are both on Tapestry.
I would like nursery to look for items around the house beginning with the sound ‘a’. Please take pictures or draw all of the items that you find.

It would be useful if you could watch the jolly phonics song with actions online to keep the sounds that we have learnt fresh in the children’s minds.


Mrs Metcalfe

Friday 24th April

This week I have been creating an isolation memory and I thought it would be a nice challenge for you to try!

Me and my family used salt dough to make handprints, it is really simple to make but don’t worry if you haven’t got the ingredients you could paint your handprints and possibly frame them later.

Here is my example:

Each person in the family can press there hands down firmly into the uncooked salt dough.

We chose to paint our hands and press down again in the same place once we had cooked the salt dough but it is effective without the paint too.

Salt dough at home is as easy as combining three pantry staples together into a dough. It’s fairly fool proof (as long as you follow the measurements!)

Follow the instructions below on how to make salt dough.


Salt dough Recipe

  • 2 cupfuls of plain flour (about 500g)
  • 1 cupful of table salt (about 250g)
  • 1 cupful of water (about 250ml)


1. Preheat the oven to its lowest setting and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. ( Do not worry if you don’t have greaseproof paper we didn’t use any!)

2. Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. Add the water and stir until it comes together into a ball.
3. Transfer the dough to a floured work surface and roll it flat until it is big enough to fit all of your hands.

4. Each person needs to press down firmly to make a handprint in the dough.

4. Put your finished items on the greaseproof paper and bake for 3 hrs or until solid.

5. Leave to cool and then  paint your hands if you wish to make it coloured.


Have fun, I cannot wait to see a picture of yours.

Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 23rd April 

Imagination Time 

Today I would like you to use your imagination, you can be as creative as you like!

As all cafes and restaurants are closed at the moment, I would like you to set up your own cafe or restaurant and create a name for it.
You can set the table, write a menu, pretend to take orders and maybe even dress up.
You might even help do the cooking and serve the food and drinks.

I cannot wait to see what you come up with, remember to take pictures of your menus and orders for me to see.
Mrs Metcalfe


Wednesday 22nd April

As Today would have been workout Wednesday I would like you to do some form of exercise, this could be going for a walk or a run in the local area, doing a dance or exercise video online or creating your own exercise routine.

I would also like you to do some number exercises using a dice. If you have a dice at home you can use that or you can download the dice template by clicking on the picture below and have fun making the dice.

If you roll the dice and count the number of dots you then need to do that number of exercises,

For example:

Roll a 3, count the dots and do 3 hops

Roll a 6, count the dots and do 6 star jumps

Roll a 2, count the dots and do 2 press ups

You can do any exercises that you wish, these are just examples of some that we do in class.

I wonder if you can recognise the number on the dice without counting the dots? You could also record by writing the number and drawing the number of dots.

Please remember to share your exercises with me on Tapestry, I look forward to seeing them later.

Enjoy Workout Wednesday,

Mrs Metcalfe





Tuesday 21st April 

Get Creative with Vegetables!

If you have any vegetables left over why not try growing them, remember to keep watering them and give them lots of sunshine. Please take pictures and try to record what is happening to the vegetables, you could start by drawing what the vegetables look like today.

You could try printing with vegetables by cutting them in half and painting them to see what amazing patterns they make.

Potato Printing
You could could out shapes and pictures on a potato and then paint them to make so potato prints, to challenge yourself you could do some repeated patterns.

I am excited to see how you get creative with your left over vegetables, remember to take pictures and show me them on Tapestry!

Mrs Metcalfe

Monday 20th April

Music Monday 

Good Morning Everyone,
I hope you have all enjoyed the Easter break by spending time with your loved ones.

Seen as today would be music Monday, I would like you to be creative.
Please sing along to your favourite Songs and Nursery Rhymes, you can sing them yourself or sing along to familiar Songs/ Nursery Rhymes online.

You could also play along to the songs using an instrument to tap out simple rhythms, think about how you can make the instrument sound different.
If you want to be really creative you could make your own instrument, it could be a shaker, a drum or you could make a guitar using a tissue box and some elastic bands. I am sure you will have your own ideas too.

I look forward to seeing your singing and your instruments on Tapestry.

Mrs Metcalfe

Friday 17th April

Good Morning Nursery,

I am missing you all lots but seeing what you are up to on Tapestry really helps and makes me smile so Thank you.

Todays challenge is a maths scavenger hunt, I would like you to look for the following items (Parents you can adapt the items):

Find 2 pencils and 1 blue crayon

Find 4 coins

Find 6 blocks

Find 3 pairs of socks (please explain to children that a pair is 2). How many socks do you have altogether?

Search for 3 spoons and 2 forks. How many do you have altogether?

Find 4 pieces of fruit, eat 1 of them. How many pieces of fruit do you have left?

Find 8 coins and share them equally with one other person. How many coins do you have each?

You can adapt the items to find and even adapt the questions if children are finding them to difficult or too easy, these are more just examples for you to use.

Enjoy and remember to let me know how you get on by uploading an observation onto Tapestry.

Happy Weekend!!

Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 16th April

Good Morning!

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s reading challenge. When reading with children it is extremely important to ask questions as it supports the development of Early reading and shows you how much understanding they have of the stories they are reading.

At home with my family we have written a list of all the things that we are enjoying doing at home as a family. We have also started to make little notes every time we say we miss something, or want to go somewhere. We have put these into a pot and we will pick them out to look at once we can leave the house.

For today’s challenge I would like you draw two pictures.

The first showing all of the things that you are enjoying doing at home.

The second being a wish picture. This should show some of the things that you would like to do or see when we no longer have to stay at home.

It might be nice to keep the pictures to remind you of all the things you enjoyed whilst staying at home but also to remind you of what you missed whilst having to stay at home.



Wednesday 15th April

Reading Challenge

Today I would like you to look at a book with your child, one that they are less familiar with ( this could be a book at home or one that you find online).

Please ask some questions when looking at the story.

Before Reading:

Look at the title and the front cover and ask the following questions,
What do you think this book is going to be about?
What do you think will happen in this story?
Do you think you will enjoy looking at this story?

During Reading:

How is the character feeling now?
What do you think is going to happen next/ at the end of this story?

After Reading:

Who were the characters in the story?
What was your favourite part of the story?
Can you retell the story using the pictures? (Allow children to look back at each page and use the pictures to explain what was happening)
Did you enjoy the book?

Remember to write an observation on Tapestry to let me know how they get on with the task.
You could even ask the children to act out the story/ part of the story, video them answering some of the questions or explaining the story and upload these onto Tapestry.

Mrs Metcalfe



Tuesday 14th April

I hope you have enjoyed your Easter Weekend and enjoyed spending quality time with your loved ones.

Todays challenge is to be independent!

I want you to try to do as many things as possible independently.
This could be:
Getting dressed
Making your own breakfast/lunch
Putting on and zipping your own coat
Putting on your own shoes
Brushing your teeth

Hopefully you will come up with many more of your own ideas too.
Please let me know how you have been independent today.

Mrs Metcalfe

Easter Week

Thursday 9th April

Thank you for sharing your fantastic Easter crafts with me they really make me smile.

Today I would like you to design your own Easter/Spring cards and post them to your loved ones.

Looking forward to seeing them.

Wednesday 8th April

Good Morning,
It is looking like another beautiful sunny day today, I hope you are able to enjoy some of the sunshine.

Todays Challenge is Tulip Fork painting, I have lots of lovely tulips growing in my garden and they are beautiful, bright colours, so I thought we could try painting some today.

Here are some examples of tulip fork paintings, why not give it a go. Its great fun and easy too!


Forks at the ready, remember to show off some of your pictures on Tapestry!



Tuesday 7th April

Todays Challenge is to decorate a boiled egg, you can use anything you like to decorate your egg. You might want to use pens or glue or materials that you can find.

Good Luck, Please remember to show me your creations on Tapestry.


Good Morning,

This week I will be setting some fun Easter activities that will hopefully help to keep the children busy!

Today I would like you to have a try at this lovely Easter Bunny Activity.

Remember to post your fantastic creations on Tapestry.




Happy Friday Everyone,

Today your  challenge is to use your senses!

Can you remember our 5 senses? Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste, See!

Lets see how many of these you can complete:

  • Find something that makes a crunch sound
  • Find something that tastes sour
  • Find something that smells good
  • Find something that feels smooth
  • Find 3 of the same thing
  • Find something that tastes sweet
  • Find something that makes a loud noise
  • Find something that is tall/long
  • Find something that feels soft
  • Find something white
  • Find something quiet
  • Find something rough

Let me know how you get on, Good Luck!




Good Morning Nursery,

I hope you have been continuing your daily name writing, I would love to see some of these on Tapestry.

Todays Challenge is focused on Communication and Language, I would like you to ask the children some How and Why questions to see if they understand what you are asking them. It would be great if you could upload some of their answers onto Tapestry. Please do not worry if their answers are quite right or they have misunderstood the question, it is quite common, but definitely something we need to work on. The main reason for this is to see if they have understood the difference between Why and How!

Here are some examples of questions or you can come up with your own:

Why do we eat breakfast?

How do you make a sandwich?

How do you eat a banana?

Why do we brush our teeth?

Why do we need to exercise?

How do you draw a picture?

How do you wash your hair?

How do you turn on the television?

In a story – Why is the boy/girl sad or angry?   How do you think the story will end?


It’s Time to Rhyme!

Today I would like you to practise hearing and finding rhyming words.

You could listen to a story, see if you can hear any rhyming words, you might then want to write down all of the rhyming words that you find.
An adult could write down some rhyming words, say them to see if you can hear which words rhyme and which do not.

You could create your own rhyming words e.g write down a word such as cat and see if children can come up with as many words as possible that rhyme with cat.

Key points – Often children think that words rhyme if they have the same initial sound. It is important that they can hear the rhyme at the end of the word, this needs to be done verbally and they may need the words repeating a number of times until they can hear the rhyme.

There is also a very good rhyming game on PhonicsPlay called Cake Bake. You can access PhonicsPlay for free by using the Username – march20 and Password – home.
If you click on parents and then interactive resources there are a number of useful phonics games, Cake Bake is under Phase 1 of the interactive resources.

Have Fun!


Happy Tuesday Everyone,
I hope that you have been enjoying the challenges so far.

Today I would like you create a numberline to 5.

Please write the numbers and add the correct number of objects underneath. You could find items in the house or in the garden for example:

Write the number 1 and find 1 leaf, write the number 2 and find 2 stones, write the number 3 and find 3 oranges. These are just examples you can use any object that you find.

I have also written a task for Nursery and Reception on Tapestry – All about bees! Remember to upload pictures or comments onto Tapestry.


Good Morning,

I hope you have all made the most of  your weekend and enjoyed spending time as a family.

Today I would like you to look around the house or in the garden to see how many objects you can find beginning with ‘S’.

Please draw/ take pictures of the items that you find and upload these onto Tapestry.

I have also added a daily challenge for Nursery and Reception to the Memos section on Tapestry.



Happy Friday Everyone!

Positive Thinking

Today I would like you to discuss with the children what they have enjoyed about being at home this week. You could work together to create a list of the things they have enjoyed and what they would like to do at home next week.

Keep smiling!


Good Morning,

Thank you to everyone that is continuing to use Tapestry to show us some of the learning that the children are doing, its a nice way to keep in touch. It is lovely to see so many of you are managing to still get out in the fresh air for some form of exercise.

Todays task is to create your own dance routine, this could be to your favourite music or even doing the actions to your favourite Nursery Rhyme. I look forward to seeing these on Tapestry.


Today I would like you to draw a picture of the people that are special to you! Try to think about why they are special. If it someone that doesn’t live in your house you could always post it to them or take a picture and send it to them, it may put a smile on their face.


Go on a shape hunt around your house! How many objects can you find that are rectangles? You could take pictures of the objects and put them on Tapestry or make a tally chart to show how many rectangles you find.


Look at the illustrations in your favourite book and retell the story using the pictures. Try to turn the pages carefully and hold the book the correct way up.

It would be great if you could upload pictures of your child doing the challenges onto Tapestry! I can then see the learning that the children are continuing at home. Thankyou for your continued support at this time.

Spring 1 

This half term our class stories will be Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs. The stories link to our topic for this half term, traditional tales. Our provision will be linked to our class stories.

Click on the following link to view our newsletter for this half term…Nursery newsletter spring 1



We are using the provision to focus on the number 3




The children have settled well and are enjoying the provision. They listened well to the class story and are using the activities in the classroom to retell the story.


Today we worked together to make porridge. We added some syrup and the children tasted it, we had to wait for it to cool down as it was too hot. 







This week we are exploring colours and experimenting with mixing colours. 


Spring 2

This half term our class stories will be Jack and the Beanstalk and The Hungry Caterpillar. The stories link to our topic for this half term, Growing. Our provision will be linked to our class stories.

Click on the following link to view our newsletter for this half term Nursery newsletter spring 2